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From home electrical wiring to commercial generator repair, J & J electric has electricians to handle any electric job.

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Client Testimonial BeginAmazing Work! During our Data Center expansion we...Client Testimonial End

~ Dave Hagerty | TrueNet, Inc.[Read Full Testimonial]

Client Testimonial BeginA delight to work with! J & J installed track lighting ...Client Testimonial End

~ Ross Howat | Exton, PA[Read Full Testimonial]

Client Testimonial BeginProfessional. Knowledgeable. Personable. Perfect. Client Testimonial End

~ Grant Ferrier | Philadelphia, PA[Read Full Testimonial]

Client Testimonial BeginGreat Company! We had an emergency situation during the hurricane...Client Testimonial End

~ Tim Verna | KV and Associates[Read Full Testimonial]

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Trusted Local Electrician

Trusting an electrician with your electrical wiring is important. J & J is an electrician in West Chester PA committed to providing the best customer experience. Check out some of our testimonials, recommendations, and electrician reviews.

Commercial Electrical Contractor

J & J has 20 years of commercial electrical experience. We can handle any electrical work your business may need. From upgrading electrical service to generator installation and server colocation and data center wiring, J & J can handle it. All of our electricians are licensed Commercial Electrical Contractors.

Residential Electrical Service

Your home is your biggest asset. You should be able to trust your electrician to make the best recommendations and provide quality Residential Electrical Service. Our residential electricians have been carefully chosen and tested to ensure that your home is in good hands when we provide Residential Electrical Service.

24 Hour Electrician

Not all electrical projects are planned. Electrical emergencies can happen at anytime. Emergencies that happen at night, when many electricians are unavailable, can be devestating. You need an electrician who is available 24 hours. At J & J, electricians are always available. We are the Philadelphia Area's 24 Hour Electrician.